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Making music for several decades Mark McRae launched Tommy Positivity as a new project with a fresh sound that is an ode to many genres of music. Here @tpd4life we don’t believe in labels and restrictions of the physical world. Tommy Positivity aspires to do performances that trigger life changing concerts and powerful displays of the divine.

Music with Purpose

The world is full of music to entertain. Tommy Positivity aims to inspire and get people thinking at the same time. Driving beats, with melodic, moody melodies, lyrics that are more than just words and goals that do not involve typical artist novelties. All lyrics avoid vulgar explicit lyrics yet target the same crowds.

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About Me

TPD(Tommy Positivity Dude) Music with a mission, Hoping for a world where we can accept each others differences be kind to one antoher and fight for the oppressed. Music is a vehicle to get us there. Pro-Social and Anti-degradation.

Tommy produces all music independently using Digital Audio Workstations. Fruity Loops Studio is his favorite. He uses Midi Controllers, and several popular VST Plugins like reFx Nexus

TPD has many variations but the ultimate one is Total Positivity Dude. The world is full of negativity and people are hurting, but TPD aims to confront the darkness and be light while making some cool music in the process.

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